Adapting to a Social-Circular economy!

Adapting to a Social-Circular economy!

A circular economy is a loop system that minimizes surplus. We live in a world savaged by excess, and by adapting to a circular economy, we can help make better use of natural resources and mitigate the climate crisis. As circular economy engages in a more sustainable world, at The Lush Box, we build various initiatives in which these concepts work coherently.Β 

At the very start of The Lush Box, we wanted to inspire people.Β 

To re-think and make changes that influence creativity by using local talent to meet our needs. We wanted to be an inspiring gifting start-up that does things with a bit of a twist. As many of our consumers have noticed and appreciated; All the products in our boxes are designed for reuse. Our gift boxes are not made to end up in the trash bins. Using wooden boxes as a packaging solution was a deliberate decision. As these boxes are sturdy, they can hold a lot of weight. This allows the consumer to reuse and upcycle the boxes in whichever way they want. We also do work with other materials on-and-off that is made sustainably and ethically. We use seagrass as packaging fillers. Seagrass is a biodegradable material and can be reused as a plant fertilizer or as compost waste.

At The Lush Box, we are ardently vocal about the usage of local products and services. Our business principles are designed to encourage local talent and give them a platform to showcase their products. We engage with businesses that are ethically in sync with us. However, we do face some practical difficulties from time to time. Not everything has been roses and daisies. Being an environment-conscious start-up does drive the cost up. Our challenge is to make it work seamlessly. We try various strategies to implement and go with what works best for our business and consumers, and most importantly, the environment. That said, we sincerely believe if we integrate circular economy principles with social engagement under the right conditions, we can create a self-sufficient economy.

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