Anecdotes from a Corporate order

Anecdotes from a Corporate order

Two-woman crew, 270 shipments and more, 19 countries and a little boy's borrowed space; Welcome to the season of holiday gifting!  


The objective was plain and simple - to deliver holiday gifts on behalf of our client and to execute the task with 100% accuracy.


We wanted to make sure that the ideas we present to the client align with our business principles of sustainability and also have the branding done right. The client had one simple brief; The gifts were going worldwide hence they did not want gifts that could potentially hurt any religious belief, culture or sentiment. After a few discussions, we agreed on the product list and had it all Danish-made and locally sourced.


We thrive on challenges, but we were unaware of the deep waters. It was our gut instinct that just drove us to dive deep. Oblivious to the unforeseen situations that may arise and that did arise, we gave our heart and soul to this project. More than anything, shipping was a giant elephant in the room that needed a lot of attention, and boy, were we right! From getting our export licenses to coordinating with the logistics team, it was an eye-opening experience.


As a young business, we are in a continuous process of learning; be it learning from our peers or our competitors. Learning from each other in the team has been one of our biggest strengths. It has also made us comprehend that no matter how much planning a project has undertaken there will be times when things are beyond our control. Therefore flexibility in thought, time management and damage control should be at the fingertips of any budding business.

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