Enroute Sustainability

Enroute Sustainability

Buying sustainable products and the accompanying eco-friendly banter has become the style of this season. People have gone from reckless spending to spending on necessary things.

Though we are not sure how much of it is for social media approval, as a business, we do see the change. When businesses like ours take the route of responsible consumption and production, it does change the pattern of the game. Yes, we face a lot of competition from our peers who still deal with bulk gift boxes and offer much cheaper rates than what we give, but sustainable products also enjoy a reasonable market share. Today, gifting is more personal. People like their gifts to tell a story that they can relate to.

People are more and more curious about where their products come from. Today's consumer is well-informed and rather curious. This motivates us to market our products better. Being sustainable in the gifting spectrum is a gamble we are ready to take. As a business, we deliberately deal with other small businesses that make handmade products. When we as a business source products locally, it engages the community. Keeping that in mind, we have partnered with several small businesses and with the help of such talent we have curated boxes with a wide variety which adds a niche quality to our brand; The Lush Box. 

Now, this might not seem like we are doing much in terms of changing buying behaviour, but as the adage goes, we believe something is better than nothing. We are trying to include products that are not just use-and-throw but gives you an option for upcycling it in whichever way you want. It is a step towards encouraging better consumption patterns. Very few gifting companies are taking the sustainable route, although this graph is now changing. 

At The Lush Box, we are trying to build something with more meaning associated with it. Our ultimate goal is to make the consumer feel proud to own The Lush Box. These boxes are not simply curated; they each tell a story. It is a story of our determination to bring you thoughtful and ethical gifts. It is the story about all those small talented entrepreneurs that create unique products and experiences. We believe in the art of thoughtful gifting that benefits not just the end-user but also the environment.

Adopting sustainable solutions is the need of the hour, and businesses, however small, should make a conscious effort. Let's face it, "The best way to predict the future is to create it", and when businesses take the sustainable approach, we are in a better position to balance our economic, environmental and social needs, allowing prosperity for now and future generations.

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