Journey so far...

Journey so far...

Life has a lot of unique ways to throw surprises at you. We meet a lot of people in our life journey, but only a few leave a mark. This is a little story about us; star-crossed friends turned business partners.

We are expats living in Odense who not too long ago came from India. Leaving our sprawling careers and lives, we were soon exposed to an air of uncertainty. Moving from a busy schedule to figuring out our lives in Denmark was challenging. What is even more challenging is finding friends. Thank god for the numerous Facebook groups out there.

We met through Facebook in one of those friendly expat groups. We decided to meet for a cup of coffee, and that was it! The plan was to hang out for an hour, but the conversations never stopped. We started hanging out every day from then on, guzzling coffees and talking about everything under the sun, sure to have covered the circumference of Odense.ย 

We realised we had so much in common. We talked about our dreams, our goals and our unfulfilled ambitions. During these intense discussions, we started to brainstorm about possible business ideas that could work in Odense. From developing an App store to buying a franchise, we thought it all but nothing did strike a chord.

Then one day while struggling to pick a gift, we were having this chat about how the amount of plastic waste the gift carried surpassed the gifts themselves. Thatโ€™s when we knew we had to do something in the gifting space. It was our Eureka moment.

There were no second thoughts about the kind of gift business it would be. We knew it had to be sustainable. Keeping that in mind, we started to engage with local artisans and small businesses with strong ethics. We started to work on our business plans. Very soon, we set up our home office, registered the company, and got to work.

Today as we look back, neither of us for a single moment regret our choices. To build something from scratch and to call it your own in an adopted country is fulfilling in ways words cannot express. They say the first step is always the hardest but quite often the most rewarding one. There are challenges on the way, but the trick is to keep your head held high and keep marching forward.ย 

To all those people who have lost themselves in the shimmer of a new country, it is never too late to reinvent yourself. Be bold and take that first step; everything else will fall in its place.

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