How to have a Sustainable Christmas?

How to have a Sustainable Christmas?


It's that time of the year. After thanksgiving and black Friday, the countdown to Christmas has finally arrived. Each year there are countless articles on how to be more conscious with our buying decisions this time of the year. Nevertheless, let me help you with some easy tips to make conscious choices without feeling that you are sacrificing the fun!


Mind your trees:
This is a much-debated topic during this time of the year. However, the important point here is to pick the right alternative which is least harmful to the planet. Surprisingly, an artificial tree has a much larger footprint than a real tree.
While picking a Christmas tree, it helps to pick one that is potted, that way, you can always replant post the festivities or get it recycled.
Today you get tons of options to rent your very own Christmas tree which is a great option to have.

Cut down food wastage:
This Christmas, let's fight food wastage. Reuse your leftovers to make new dishes or donate food to your neighbours who are most in need.
Carry your bags whilst shopping and avoid buying food that comes in plastic packaging.

ย Avoid gift packaging:
Reduce waste by avoiding gift-packing paper. Avoid plastic ribbons and choose cards you can recycle. You can also try the Japanese or Korean style of packing gifts with a cloth. They look beautiful and will help you stand out.
You can check out our gallery at for unique Furoshiki wrapping techniques.

Gifting sustainably:
Gifting needs to be thoughtful. Heaps of unwanted Christmas gifts find their way into landfills every year. When choosing gifts, look for items made from sustainable sources. Do not pick baskets wrapped in cellophane rather look for reusable gift boxes.
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Glitter is a no no!
Glitter sounds fun but is extremely harmful to the environment. Glitter contains micro-plastics that end up in water bodies and gets consumed by marine life. A host of supermarkets and retailers are taking a conscious effort to avoid glitter in products in the spirit of a sustainable Christmas.

LED lights are a way to go:
When choosing to light your Christmas trees, or your home, go for LED lights. They are more energy efficient, they last longer and look good too. Switch off those lights when not in use. If you are using candles, do away with paraffin wax and go for eco-friendly options like soy wax or beeswax.

Dressing your way to a party:
Christmas season is also a party season. Be more sustainable by choosing to wear what you already own. You can also browse through a pre-loved store or maybe borrow a piece from your friends or family.

Let us all enjoy this season of joy by being more conscious and mindful of our choices.
Happy Christmas to you.

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