• Our Story..

    The Lush Box is the entrepreneurial dream of two expat women passionate about business and quality products. The thought of starting a gifting company with a focus on corporate and more, took shape whilst strolling through the beautiful cobbled streets of Odense and sipping endless coffees. Our passion for creating a customer-centric business comes from our combined experience of more than 16 years in the service industry. We are bound together with a common goal to aid customer success solutions for our clientele through gifting by changing them ever so generic cellophane-wrapped gift baskets. Our shared love to look out for unique and stunning products from across the length and breadth of Denmark can be witnessed in our beautifully crafted gifts. We hope our journey will inspire many women to find the courage and conviction to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams

    With Love,

    Anu & Reya.

  • Why Choose us

    The Lush Box is an artisanal gifting company that will bring you an elevated gifting experience. Unlike automated gifting platforms selling you the same old impersonal gifts, we believe in bringing simplicity with thoughtfulness into gifting. We are a female-founded, self-funded company dedicated to sourcing the best products in our gifts. Our products are locally-sourced from entrepreneurs and small businesses in Denmark. When you support us, you help local businesses flourish, create economic opportunities and help strengthen our community. Did we tell you that we are a gifting company with sustainability and circular economy in focus? One of our key aims is to eliminate the need for single-use plastics and introduce reusable gift boxes to reduce wastage. We collaborate with suppliers who share similar values and business sensibilities. So say goodbye to your generic cellophane-wrapped gift baskets today! Come, be a part of this unique journey as we bring a perfect balance to the art of thoughtful gifting and creating bespoke gifting experiences.