Support small businesses this Christmas.

Support small businesses this Christmas.

"When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance."

We never truly understood the meaning of this phrase, and then we got our first order! Now that adage has a whole new meaning.
Christmas is the highlight of our year, same as a whole lot of small businesses like ours. There are millions of businesses out there competing for a share. And then there are these large companies with endless funds that get most of the attention :(
As small business owners, our livelihoods depend on people and firms choosing to buy gifts from small businesses. By choosing to go with a small business, you not only support the local economy but also support the small team working tirelessly to create unique and thoughtful gifting solutions.

Besides supporting small business owners, there are many other reasons to buy from a small business that benefits you and your loved ones! Here are a few reasons to buy your presents locally this Christmas.

Attention to detail:
When you buy from a small business, your purchases count! It doesn't matter how big or small the order is. This means you will get a whole lot of personal service, attention to detail and value for money.

It is disappointing to get the same kind of gifts every year for Christmas, especially when you buy from a large departmental store where you have countless generic Christmas gift options.
Buying from a small business means there is a minuscule chance that your loved one owns the product or will get it from someone else.

You know who you are buying from:
Small business owners are passionate about their businesses and love to look after their customers themselves. This means your enquiries will be handled directly by the business owners which opens up a unique opportunity to develop business relationships.

Customer service:
Poor customer service is an offence you can't wipe your hands off of. Customer service is a top priority for any small business. They fully understand the need to provide exceptional service and get recommended to others. A good customer experience is crucial as one bad review could ruin the reputation of the business.


It is tough to run a small business as it is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. With tons of things happening in the background and a one or two-man team to look after it all, we still give a more personal and memorable customer service.

So why not change your buying habits and support a small business this Christmas? Raise awareness and support the cause of buying locally.
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